2 Taliban Insurgents Get Chewed Up By Marines In Afghanistan

first published on May 21, 2019 by

Thermal video from 2011 shows a group of insurgents attempting to infiltrate a US Marine FOB and getting chewed up in the process.


The footage was recorded by the remote weapon system (RWS) mounted on top of a mine resistant armored personnel carrier (MRAP).

Two Taliban fighters can be seen sneaking into close proximity of the USMC guard post. They think they are being stealthy, but have been identified several minutes prior. The vigilant Marines are just waiting for clearance from higher to engage.

Soon, they receive their clearance and open up on the insurgents with bursts of M240 7.62mm rounds. The rounds can be seen impacting and zipping close by the enemy forces, and a direct hit is made.

The leg of the wounded insurgent can be seen dangling, as he struggles on the ground. The second Taliban fighter flees the scene as fast as his legs will take him.


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