Taliban Brag About Killing 11 Year Old Boy

first published on February 4, 2016 by

An 11 year old boy who became a national hero last year after commanding an Afghan police unit to victory during a month and a half Taliban siege has been assassinated by insurgents on Monday. Wasil Ahmad was on his way to the market when Taliban operatives on a motorcycle intentionally targeted and killed him with a shot to the head in Uruzgan province.

The boy’s father had been killed fighting against the Taliban, so he sought training from his police commander uncle on rifles, machine guns, rockets, and communications equipment with the intention of getting revenge.

Eventually, Taliban forces laid siege to Wasil’s uncle’s area of responsibility. Wasil’s uncle, among other commanders were injured in the fighting. Wasil took leadership of the ~70 remaining men, and for 43 days repelled the Taliban onslaught. Basil manned various weapons systems, and took part in all day fights, personally killing several Taliban militants.


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