Taliban Attacks On Afghan Army Outposts

first published on December 17, 2015 by

British and U.S. Special Operations Forces have taken on a much larger and more direct role in the fight against the Taliban insurgency in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. The extent of the operations are being kept secret, but they go well beyond the “train, advise, and assist” mission being portrayed by the official narrative.


The security situation in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate in favor of anti-government forces. The Taliban are in total control of 37 districts across Afghanistan and another 39 districts are currently being contested. Helmand province mirrors this security nightmare with three districts being under Taliban control and an additional six more being fought over.

Many Afghan troops have been trapped at remote outposts across Helmand and morale is nonexistent. The province is on the brink of collapse, and that is why the Western special forces units have been dispatched.

The following video, although filmed in Kunar province rather than Helmand, demonstrates exactly why Afghan forces continue to lose ground. Untrained, undersupplied Afghan troops are spread out across small, isolated bases that are hours, if not days from reinforcements. These types of outposts were hard enough for American troops to hold even with air support, mortars, and artillery. The Afghan troops are sitting ducks. The Taliban are able to attack from predetermined, elevated or covered positions with greater numbers at a time of their own choosing.

The elite Western commandos now working in Helmand will surely stack up piles of Taliban bodies and send them into retreat like they did in Kunduz, but what then? They will just take it back when we pull the troops out. What’s the endgame, and is there a plan to get there? Presently, Afghanistan is an arguably failed state, and with the foothold of the Islamic State and the Taliban’s overwhelming presence, the country will continue it’s downward spiral into the hands of radical insurgent groups.

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