Taliban Overrun 4th Afghan Base This Week

first published on November 8, 2018 by

The Taliban have overran four Afghan bases in the first week of November, the most recent being an Afghan police outpost in Farah province near the Iranian border, according to FDD’s Long War Journal.

All but three of the 50 Afghan border policemen that manned the outpost were either killed or captured, according to the report. The Taliban militants looted the base, acquiring large quantities of weapons, equipment, and supplies.

According to an Afghan news source, the base “…was the most equipped border post in the province and was responsible for securing the highway and border areas.”

The day before the Farah attack, the Taliban overran a brand new joint police and military outpost in Ghazni province, killing over a dozen of the defenders… and a few days prior to that the militants stormed two other outposts in Uruzgan and Faryab, killing and capturing dozens of security personnel.

The security situation in Afghanistan continues to spiral out of control. Casualties of government troops and desertions are ever increasing. Meanwhile, insider attacks against high profile American service members have become the norm.

The following video shows Taliban operating openly in the Ghazni streets during a major offensive against government forces in back in August.


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