ISIS Fighters In Yemen Try To Take Hill And End Up Rolling Down It Dead Instead

first published on April 15, 2017 by

Members of the Islamic State in Yemen try to take a fortified hilltop position with no suppression. They end up rolling back down it as dead bodies instead.

In the world of warfare, suppression is king. It matters not what type of suppression you have, only that you have it, and it is effective. When trying to take a fortified position, you absolutely need something to keep the enemy from using the fortifications against you. Suppression is the objective, and without it you might as well be committing suicide.

Some fighters from the Islamic State apparently never got this lesson. While they try to take a fortified hilltop position in Yemen, they quickly learn that you can throw bodies at a hilltop all day and never take it. Judging by the first few seconds of this clip, they have been trying to get themselves on top of this position for a while.

If only they knew what a machine gun or a mortar system was actually supposed to be used for. Too bad their leadership is keeping all of that gear in the rear in order to make dank training montages to bolster recruiting instead of using that equipment to win battles. Must suck having leadership like that. Inshallah warfare doesn’t actually work, and these guys will never get it.


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