Trench Warfare: Ukrainian Soldier Gets Tagged By Incoming Fire

first published on March 9, 2017 by

Footage coming from the trench lines in Ukraine shows a Ukrainian Soldier being tagged by incoming enemy small arms fire. It is unclear the exact location that this video came from inside of Ukraine, but judging by the gear the Ukrainian Soldiers are wearing, we can guess that it was recorded between late 2016 and early 2018. If anyone is able to assist us in the translation of this video, please message our page so we can add a translation to this post.


In Ukraine, the on-going conflict is very interesting to research. Recently, more and more footage has been coming out of the area showing what Ukrainian Soldiers are dealing with on a day-to-day basis. In the past, a majority of the footage that was being released was getting removed from YouTube in a matter of minutes to hours. Even our own side channels, that we used to host backup mirrors of footage in the event our video hosting platform was down, were being quickly shut down by the platform primarily due to the release of footage coming out of the conflict in Ukraine. It seems as if this censorship is finally starting to end.

Recently it’s as if these attacks on Ukrainian combat footage has started to shift. More and more of the footage footage is being leaked onto the internet at paces that are hard to keep up with. This gives pages like us the opportunity to quickly log that footage, and privately host it for the public in a place that we control. It is is a good thing, because once we have that footage it can never be deleted or silenced by any government entity that doesn’t want the information to be seen by the public, or by a company that views anything right of slingshots as too controversial or dangerous for public consumption. We’ll keep posting footage out of Ukraine as often as we can find it, even if places like Facebook are hampering our reach for the same reasons as above.

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In this video, a group of Ukrainian soldiers are manning a trench position in an unknown part of Ukraine. We can’t independently verify the exact location that the video was recorded, but we can take a solid guess at the time-frame the video was recorded based on the equipment the Soldiers are wearing. From the equipment alone, we can guess that it was recorded somewhere in between the Winter of 2016, and February of 2018, because the Ukrainian Soldiers are using a lot of standard NATO equipment. If anyone who speaks the language is able to help us dial in the time and location, please shoot us a message so we can update this post with the information.

The footage below contains scenes taken directly out of the trenches in Ukraine. A Ukrainian Soldier is sitting in an over watch position above his trench line. He appears to be taking some shots at separatist fighters, and other Soldiers are in the trench line below making sure that he has enough ammunition to keep firing on the enemy. As in any combat situation, one is never truly safe. The Soldier is eventually tagged by an enemy round, and the troops below him in the trench line immediately rush to his aid. The video ends shortly after the other soldiers begin conducting first aid. It is unclear how badly the soldier was wounded, or if he survived the injury.


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