Shift Of Tactics: Baluchistan Rebels Focus On Using IEDs Against Pak Mil

first published on October 8, 2020 by

An interesting shift of tactics has been seen in a recent video release by the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), highlighting previously rare improvised explosive device (IED) or roadside bomb attacks against the Pakistan Military.


From the video we cannot see the actual construction of the devices to see if they are organically developed technology or ideas imported from an outside group. What we can tell from the video is that they are still developing their tactics and techniques for the implementation of such weapons.

The blasts appear to be fairly low yield, inadequately placed, non-directional, and the timing of the command detonation is off, resulting in minimal casualties. Their tactics are likely to improve as operations continue.

Ordinarily, BLA (and their BLF affiliates) rely heavily on linear and L-shaped ambushes, using tens of fighters with small arms and sometimes RPGs, to directly engage enemy vehicles in narrow mountain passes and valleys.

The use of improvised explosive devices allows for the insurgents to inflict comparable amounts of casualties while employing less troops, and therefore reducing the risk of friendly casualties. Using less troops also allows for less detectable infiltration operations into higher profile areas, as evidenced by the clip that shows a detonation within only meters of a Pakistani outpost.