T-90 MBT Hammered By TOW Missile, But Did It Survive?

first published on February 26, 2016 by

During the course of the war in Syria, we have seen the SAA lose countless amounts of major battle tanks (MBT) to RPGs and IEDs. Then with the flood of TOW missiles and other ATGMs into the war zone, they lost even more. Those ill-fated tanks were all older T-55 and T-72 models that do not have the necessary armor and countermeasure systems to stand up to modern anti tank weaponry.


Recently, Russia has provided the SAA with at least six T-90MS Tagil tanks, known as the “TOW Killer.” These relatively advanced MBTs come with an Arena-3 system that tracks, intercepts, and then destroys incoming guided missiles shortly before they reach the vehicle. From the looks of the video, that system didn’t activate.

However, the T-90MS “TOW Killer” is also encased in Kontakt-5 reactive armor blocks in the event, like this one, that a missile gets through. The video shows a massive explosion followed by the crew bailing, but cuts out before any definitive answer as to whether the tank was destroyed, disabled, or merely superficially knocked.

What do you guys think? Did the FSA score a kill, a disable, or did they fail at their chance to destroy one of Syria’s few super weapons?


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