T-72 Tank Crew Uses Dodge – It’s Super Effective!

first published on October 14, 2016 by

This T-72 tank crew is the most highly trained and effective crew in all of Syria. Recognizing the ATGM threat, they use tactics to survive!

FINALLY!! Someone in Syria uses some common sense. Watch how this tank crew operates their ancient piece of machinery. If you pay close attention, you’ll see a few pretty awesome things happening that you almost never see in the Syrian Civil War. I don’t know which team is which, or who is good and bad. I’m simply rooting for the tank because they aren’t relying on inshallah warfare to keep them alive.

Someone must have recognized the imminent threat of TOW missiles inside of Syria finally. As this tank utilizes a shoot and scoot method to remain in cover, they also put a guy on the second story of a nearby building to spot for incoming TOW rounds. As the missile flies down its path to strike the tank, you can see the spotter frantically relaying the incoming message to the tank crew allowing them to get back in cover just in time.

Tactics. They actually work. Would you believe it?


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