T-72 From Mad Max Pushes Through Syrian Streets

first published on August 23, 2016 by

A heavily modified T-72, straight out of Mad Max, rolls through the streets of East Ghouta, Syria firing indiscriminately at everything in it’s way.

mad max

If there was ever a movie that came to life in the real world, it would be Mad Max. Every single day, the on-going conflict in Syria starts to resemble the post-apocalyptic wastelands built by the Mad Max films.

Who knows? Maybe in another decade the war will spill into surrounding countries and cause a massive energy crisis that starts the world spiraling out of control.

If that manages to happen, I think the Syrians and Iraqis will actually have a leg up on everyone else. Don’t believe me? Check out this T-72 that looks like it came straight off of Fury Road.


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