GoPro: T-72 Advancing On Entrenched Troops

first published on July 11, 2016 by

A T-72 that was captured by the terrorist organization Jaish al-Islam advances on entrenched Syrian Troops. A GoPro records the entire advance.

Imagine sitting in the trench-line one morning, and peering over the top to see a T-72 advancing on your position. In a modern military, you might not think much of this at all. Yeah, it might cause you a little internal strife, but you know a javelin will be on the way pretty quick.

The Syrian troops in this video don’t really have that option though. They can fire a bunch of RPGs, and hope for a killing blow, but other then that they just get to wait and watch. Watch as this ancient behemoth rolls right up their trench-line spewing 7.62 and main gun rounds.

What a crummy way to wake up.