Syrian Troops Storm Rebel Sniper Nest Under Incoming Mortar Fire

first published on July 5, 2016 by

Syrian Troops, operating inside of Aleppo, conduct an all out attack against a rebel sniper nest that has been targeting civilians.

A sniper’s nest is an extremely dangerous thing if not dealt with quickly. The sniper’s hide in this video is located deep inside of a building in Aleppo. The snipers inside have made it a point to attack everything coming into the city. Their targets include women, children, and medical personnel.

When a local SAA commander has finally had enough of the casualties, he makes the decision to destroy the position. As his men ready up to make the attack, the snipers fire back with everything they have. They call in mortars from outside, and fire directly at a very well entrenched DShK position. All for nothing, because in the end the Syrian troops come out on top.