Syrian Troops Still Haven’t Learned That TOW Missiles Are Deadly

first published on May 7, 2017 by

In what is probably the 100th separate incident, Syrian Arab Army troops group up in the open and get blown out of their socks.

We could almost copy and paste this story from other posts we have made on the webpage at this point. (Yes, all of those words are links to other ATGM strikes from Syria.) Syrian Troops still have not figured out that TOW missiles are deadly, and will decimate them every single time that they get into a group somewhere in the open. Why this keeps happening is still a mystery to me, but here we are again for episode 100 of “When TOWs Strike.”

On the bright side for the Syrian Arab Army, at least all of these TOW strikes are happening outside of the effective range of most small arms the rebels have access to. Imagine one of these followed up by an effective attack against the surviving troops that are scrambling to pick up the pieces of their buddies. Again though, this is Syria and tactics are optional during Inshallah Warfare.