Syrian Tanks Crushing Last Remaining Rebel Pockets In Eastern Ghouta

first published on March 25, 2018 by

More footage from Russia’s ANNA News team shows Syrian tanks crushing the last remaining pockets of rebel fighters in Eastern Ghouta neighborhoods.

The Russian-backed pro-Syrian assault is reportedly in its final stages to expel the resistance from the neighborhood of Douma. Although some Twitter reports are indicating that the Douma operation is completed, no official declaration of victory has come from the Russian or Syrian governments.

Through Russian-brokered deals, hundreds of rebels and their families have been evacuated from the previously contested neighborhoods, and several more are expected to be removed as well.

Around 25 busses have been taxiing the rebel families to opposition-held areas in Idlib, in northern Syria where the Russian-backed Syrian government is likely to have to fight them again. However, moving the insurgency that much further from Damascus will be a relief to Assad.

Ahrar al-Sham and the Rahman Corps rebel groups have recently surrendered their arms, yet the Army of Islam is still holding out in Douma even as Russian and Syrian air forces drop incendiary bombs on the housing structures.

syrian tanks

The following footage shows Syrian main battle tanks pulverize suspected enemy locations with high explosive rounds. The assaults are coordinated with infantry as they run in and clear the buildings before the tanks can move further into enemy territory.