Syrian Tank And Turkish Armored Personnel Carrier In Close Quarters Battle

first published on March 9, 2020 by

A wild drone video from the fighting in Nayrab, Syria, shows an HTS-controlled Turkish armored personnel carrier rapidly closing with, engaging, and ramming a Syrian T-72 main battle tank.

armored personnel

The video starts with the Syrian regime tank engaging a rebel-held compound. A Turkish armored combat vehicle (ACV-15) rapidly enters the frame. The vehicle is a Turkish made knock-off of the US M113 armored personnel carrier, and is likely being operated by HTS (al Qaeda in Syria). It’s unclear from the video resolution if the ACV is actually armed with the standard 25mm auto cannon.

A brief engagement takes place, followed by rapid maneuvers. The IFV then rams the tank, and the Syrian troops rapidly retreat back the way they came.


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