Syrian Tank Becomes Incendiary Coffin for the Crew

first published on December 28, 2017 by

A Syrian tank is struck by an undetermined rocket or missile while operating in a predictable destroyed urban neighborhood. Igniting the turret and cooking off the main gun in the initial explosion, the secondary cookoff turns the metal hulk into an incendiary coffin for the remaining crew.

Three Syrian T-72 tanks strongpoint an intersection on a confined city street. Tall buildings dominate the danger area surrounding the tanks – with rubble and other evidence of an ongoing battle all around them. The trio of machines is exposed and idle in the intersection, appearing largely buttoned up inside their armored hulls and without sufficient infantry support.

Lacking consideration for the dangers of the 360-degree environment they are operating in, the Syrian tanks present an easy target for an enemy rocket concealed in the elevated buildings. The enemy rebel gunner selects the central tank of the formation – the unidentified rocket or missile slams into the turret of the T-72 with an immediate explosive fireball.

Hitting the rear of the turret, the anti-armor warhead possible causes the main gun to discharge; flames and thick smoke near instantly bellow from the large cannon. After this violent and unexpected initial shock, a few brief moments pass by as the behemoth appears to settle from its jolting. However, this is just momentary.

Impenetrable thick smoke now jets from the main gun and troop hatches on the top of the tank. Looking more like an industrial smoke stack or a volcanic eruption, flames overtake the billowing smoke and burst into a secondary explosion. The flames viciously surge up and out searching for oxygen and creating an incendiary coffin for the tank’s crewman.

Somehow during this secondary explosion, a lucky singular crewman half escapes, and is half ejected from the fiery wreckage. He ends up thoroughly singed, but fortunately still breathing at the rear of the tank. Panicked and noticeable wounded, he runs for cover in a building near the intersection. His questionable luck continues, as several small arms impacts can be observed from rebel fighters taking shots at him as he runs for cover.


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