Syrian Reporter Nonchalantly Reports On Airstrikes Exploding Around Him

first published on December 27, 2017 by

A Syrian reporter casually walks around the city of Abu Dali in Syria as it is bombarded by a number of Russian airstrikes. It appears as if he has no care in the world as he surveys the devastation of the city, and explains exactly what is going on in the area. I guess all reporters in the country of Syria are pretty much war reporters at this point. Some of these dudes should learn to speak English and apply for positions at better news agencies.

reporter 1

I imagine that in Syria, there is no longer anything except war reporters venturing out into the countryside to find news. Somehow I doubt that the Syrian news agencies that are still standing find it all that important to cover down on things like the weather, daily traffic, or sporting events. All they need to do is drive for an hour and find a front-line combat zone that is directly impacting civilians in the country, and set up shop.

In fact, it seems so common place that this reporter is reporting this story as if it’s his every other Monday morning. Bombs are raining down all around the city he is in, and he makes no effort to hide himself in cover, or to take shelter from flying debris. He just walks around the area and casually explains to the viewers what is happening to Abu Dali, and at several points actually gets even closer to the airstrikes that are falling down all around him.

Reporter 2

There are rumors circulating around Twitter that this particular reporter was actually critically injured later in the day this report was filmed. There are several other videos circulating that show him walking about the battle space with his cameraman, but the video below is the best example of his calm under pressure. If the rumors about his injury are true, hopefully he survives. I believe that if this dude learns English, by the time the Syrian Civil War is over he will be able to drop his resume off at any news agency in the world and get a job almost instantly. If anyone would like to translate what it is exactly that the reporter is saying, we will edit this post with a full transcript for the purpose of context. Either leave a comment in the comments section of this post, or shoot us a message.

It’s a strange-mad world in Syria right now.


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