If this Cat’s Got 9-Lives, He Just Spent Five: Syrian Rebel Gets Insanely Lucky

first published on March 23, 2018 by

A Syrian rebel gets insanely lucky after a poor choice of cover lands him in the sights of an enemy gunner. Incredible, round after round narrowly misses this “cool” cat, likely spending at least five of his nine lives in the ensuing frantic scramble to safety.

If you’ve ever worked closely with indigenous forces in the Middle East, you immediately become acutely aware of two things. First, their obvious indifference to seemingly dangerous activities; which will never cease to amaze. And second, they are somehow bestowed with the nine lives and luck of a common house cat. While the former typically begets the latter, this lucky disposition often leaves them just a few more lives to live remaining on the tally.

Case and point, a Syrian rebel at an intersection in a narrow alley takes cover at the corner while an enemy machine gun suppresses the street. Showing his fellow snackbar’s how much of a “cool” cat he is after an extended burst of suppressive fire, the rebel inexplicable exposes himself and quickly dives behind a road block of unpacked dirt in the center of the alley.

Once behind the dirt pile, he’s spotted by the enemy gunners who absolutely light up the street corner. Impacts violently rip all around the rebel who frantically attempts to return fire. The aimed fire finally makes him realize the error of his decision and he starts to make his escape.

He begins crawling backwards until he’s partially blocked by a large tire. Rounds get even closer now, snapping just an inch or so above his slight body. Getting to his knees to climb over the tire, he’s narrowly missed over and over again and much to the astonished delight of his comrades.

Now desperately fumbling over the tire and clearing it, he starts barrel rolling out of the kill-zone and leaves his rifle behind. Once cleared of the intersection, he makes it to his feet and safely runs back to his buddies.

All-in-all, this guy ending up without a scratch probably costs him at least four or five of those nine lives. The next time around, this cool cat might not be so lucky.