Syrian Rebel GoPro Catches Close Grenade Exchange During Firefight

first published on April 3, 2018 by

A Syrian rebel GoPro video catches a close-up grenade exchange during a firefight with Syrian Arab Army troops (SAA). The Rambo-esque footage shows some hilarious rebel hijinks during the heated battle, before one camera donning fighter comes near face-to-face with an opposing soldier.

A GoPro mashup video has been released by Syrian rebels detailing an offensive operation against defending SAA troops. The unconfirmed footage is possible from a late 2017 operation on the outskirts of Damascus at the “Armored vehicle base,” in which rebel group Ahrar al-Sham, among others, attempted to seize the installation from governmental forces. The operation would subsequently fail, and the SAA would ultimately liberate the territory in the following months.

Filmed by several different fighters during the operation, the multi-perspective video kicks off in a thoroughly destroyed urban area. The militants advance through the rubble under a hail of small-arms fire, rushing and overtaking various defensive positions. At one point after a quick ammo resupply from a dead SAA soldier, the cameraman, who’s obviously seen too many movies, charges forward with an AK in each hand. Firing wildly and accomplishing little or nothing, except wasting their now dwindling ammo.

At roughly the 3:50 mark, a weaponless rebel climbs up a defensive barrier made of sandbags and old tires. Popping up just a few feet in front of an SAA soldier just as he is throwing a hand grenade over the adjacent wall. The rebel quickly retreats and throws his own grenade but is likely too late to kill his intended target. After this missed opportunity, the rebels continue to press forward and capture various government positions.


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