Syrian Hezbollah Records Their Own Deaths In Failed Operation

first published on December 12, 2017 by

A segment of an Islamic State propaganda video release shows footage from a GoPro action camera recovered off a dead Syrian Hezbollah fighter.

The following graphic footage was edited by ISIS to highlight the incompetence of their foe. The video shows the Shia militants struggling to operate the doors on their armored personnel carrier as well as frustration and infighting within the group.

The video then cuts to a squad of the Syrian Hezbollah fighters attempting to cross an open danger area. The cameraman is shot at least twice, initially, by well aimed single shots. The group of three fighters make a half-hearted attempt at taking cover.

The cameraman, who has already been shot multiple times understands the danger and lays flat on the ground, bleeding out. Yet, one of his dimwitted buddies just sits on top of the cover, completely exposed and not understanding the situation.

syrian hezbollah

Soon, more bullets zip in and all three fighters are killed in place. The end of the video shows footage from an ISIS fighter walking up to the scene where the militants lay dead. The Islamic State obviously dubbed in gun shot sound effects to make the video seem more intense, but the footage still speaks for itself.

The Syrian Hezbollah group shown getting wrecked in this video is not to be confused with the Lebanese Hezbollah, who is better-trained and better equipped, although they are allied in the Syrian Civil War. It’s doubtful their Shia ideologies differ much for all intents and purposes. Hezbollah simply means “Party of God” and the title has also been used by an Iraqi Shia militia as well.


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