Syrian Helicopter Shot Down As Fighting Breaks Out Between Syria and Turkey

first published on February 11, 2020 by

A Syrian helicopter was shot down over Idlib on Feb. 11, 2020, as open fighting has broken out between the Syrian and Turkish militaries.

syrian helicopter

A video uploaded by HTS, al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate, showed the helicopter in flames before falling apart while plummeting to the ground. The entire crew was killed. It’s not clear at this time how or who shot the aircraft down.

It’s likely that Turkey had a hand in the downing, either by direct military engagement or arming their proxy rebel groups with the necessary anti air weaponry.

Five Turkish troops were killed by the Syrian military the day prior, and Turkey vowed to take vengeance. Turkey’s defense minister claimed they struck 115 Syrian regime targets, killing over a hundred Syrian troops in the process. That number seems incredibly inflated, and the Syrian government has so far not reported any casualties in strikes by Turkish forces against their units.

Another video uploaded to Twitter shows an unidentified Turkish militant wearing a plate carrier and giving an analysis at the helicopter crash site. It’s not clear at this time if he is Turkish military or a proxy fighter from one of the Turkish-led militias.

Both videos discussed have been combined and embedded below.