Syrian Army Lures Rebels Into Explosive Booby Trap?!

first published on December 27, 2015 by

According to the online reports, this video supposedly shows a group of ~17 Syrian rebels entering two buildings before they are demolished by the Syrian Arab Army. The report indicated that the buildings were repeatedly being used as fighting positions by the rebels, so the government troops rigged it with explosives to surprise them upon their return.

There are a few things that stand out as odd in this video, and it is quite possibly a hoax that was made for propaganda purposes. Mainly, the supposed insurgents arrive at the two booby trapped buildings, and a break in footage continuity occurs. When the footage picks back up, there are no longer any identifiable thermal signatures visible when the dwellings are demolished. While it is possible that they hunkered down out of sight, it is just as likely that they were not there at all, and the demolition happened at a later time as a terrain denial operation in response to the insurgents using it.

Another thing that stood out in this video, was the shape of the supposed insurgents as they walked toward the dwellings. They all appear to be bent over, with no arms or weapons visible. It’s possible that they are just over encumbered with weapons and equipment not visible to the thermal device, but they could have also been prisoners with their hands bound behind their backs, being marched to their explosive execution.