Syrian Air Tank Shrugs Off Direct Hit

first published on October 18, 2015 by

A Syrian Mi-8 takes a direct hit over Syria. It flies off like there is no problems.


The resilience of Soviet aircraft is world renowned. This footage out of Syria proves that their aircraft are nearly invincible. Had this been any American born helicopter it would have been absolutely shredded by the strike.

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The Mi-8 is one of the world’s most vastly produced and used rotatory wing platforms in the world today. This video is evidence as to why.

Originally designed to carry politicians from point A to point B, this aircraft was largely ignored by the Russian military. It wasn’t until the UH-1 saw huge success in Vietnam that Russia decided it needed to adopt a rotary wing platform of their own.


Uses of this aircraft go above and beyond the versatility of other helicopters. With over 25 military versions and 13 civilian platforms, this piece of Soviet technology will not be leaving battlefields anytime soon.

Anyone else wish they could speak Arabic fluently right now? I wish I knew what the guys on the ground were saying as this Mi-8 turned around and flew away. Also I’m not sure why… but I’m instantly reminded of the scene in Red Dawn where Robert screams “Wolverines” after smacking the Russian helo with an RPG.

Red Dawn


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