Syria, Russia, And Iran Are Staging Up For Another Assault On US

first published on February 16, 2018 by

After an embarrassing defeat in a failed raid against US and SDF forces in Der Ezor, pro Syrian troops are announcing another assault in the area, this time on a much more massive scale.

According to reports, Syria’s 5th Legion, several units of Hezbollah’s Syrian branch, and revenge-thirsty Russian NOC (Non Official Cover) troops are amassing on the west bank of the Euphrates River as they entrench and prepare fortifications and fighting positions.

The official release from the Syrian military states that the massive operation will be conducted to expel Islamic State forces from Der Ezor, which is a falsification considering the Assad regime declared victory over ISIS in the area back in November. The actual reasoning behind the upcoming operation will be to take local oil fields from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has given a three week deadline for their attack, likely a hopeful attempt to scare US troops out of the area before the operation begins. Unlike the recently failed surprise assault by the so-called Russian mercenaries, the upcoming fight will rely heavily on massive amounts of Syrian and Iranian ground troops (several thousand) that will be covered from the air by the Russian Air Force (RuAF).


The US is certainly preparing for another assault as well, and considering they were caught off guard for the last attack but still brutally wiped the floor with their attackers, there is the potential for an absolute massacre of the pro-Assad forces at the hands of the US-backed coalition in Der Ezor. The biggest concern of the US and SDf ground forces is likely the stench of 10,000 enemy corpses decaying around them in the weeks following the battle.

another assault

Another very real concern is the increased likelihood of US and Russian airpower going head to head as they swarm the airspace to support ground troops on either side. Considering the US has F-22 Raptors dedicated to the area, air superiority assuredly belongs to the Americans. Yet, what happens geopolitically when burning wreckage of Russian and Syrian aircraft litter the Syrian desert at the hands of the US?

The following video shows US strikes against Russian NOC troops in the recent failed assault against US-backed forces near Der Ezor.


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