Sweden Brings Back Military Conscription To Face Russian Threat

first published on March 2, 2017 by

Citing growing concerns of Russian military activity, Sweden has decided to bring back military conscription to swell their ranks.


Choosing from a pool of 13,000 people born in 1999, the military will call 4,000 people to active duty, to serve 9-12 month terms. Sweden stopped conscripting citizens back in 2010, and had only chosen males for service back then.

The new compulsory service program will induct both men and women into the ranks as they hope to find willing, interested and motivated service members that will continue on after their short terms by becoming permanent troops or at least join a reserve component.

Sweden is not a NATO member, and after watching Russia annex the Crimean Peninsula and continue to wage a proxy war in eastern Ukraine, they aren’t taking chances. Additionally, Russia’s ongoing buildup of troops and armor and constant military exercises near the Baltic States has also solidified Sweden’s resolve to not fall prey to an ever-boldening Russia. Sweden even went as far as to stage a military garrison on Gotland Island in the Baltic Sea.

The following video, filmed in Ravlunda, Sweden, shows a combined landing force of Finnish, Swedish, United Kingdom and United States Marines as they disembark from Polish, UK and US amphibious ships to conduct an amphibious landing during BALTOPS 2015. BALTOPS is an annually recurring multinational exercise designed to enhance flexibility and interoperability, as well as demonstrate resolve of Allied and partner forces to defend the Baltic region.


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