Special Operations Medics Train With SWAT in Simulated Mass Shooting

first published on January 23, 2019 by

Special Operations Forces Medical Element train with the Clovis Police Department SWAT team to contain a simulated mass shooting scenario.

SWAT Training

While law enforcement and combat operations are fundamentally different, they often have many crossovers and similarities that allow the professionals in both fields to train together. One of the largest similarities between these two very different fields of work are the frequency of which the professionals are expected to deal with traumatic injuries in extreme situations. To help law enforcement officials cope with mass casualty situations that could arise during a mass shooting scenario, members of the Special Operations Forces Medical Element train with SWAT teams to prepare them for the possibility of reacting to traumatic injuries while under fire.

This sharing of knowledge and training not only better prepares members of the law enforcement community for these types of scenarios, it also helps the Special Operations community with their primary role as advisers. One of the founding principles of the special operations community within the United States Army is to take the knowledge they have, and train others to use those same skills with a high level of competency. Training law enforcement officials fulfills that need for teaching the trainer in the art of education and patience.

The video below shows members of the Special Operations Forces Medical Element training with the Clovis Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics team. Through a simulated mass shooting combined with a mass casualty event, SWAT officers are trained in the basics of combat life-saving techniques with some of the best combat medics the United States Army has to offer. This expansion of their skill-sets better prepares the officers for action in the field, and helps the SOFME service members prepare for their primary role in the operating forces.