Daesh SVBIED Targets Kurdish Military Compound in Manbij, Syria

first published on May 20, 2019 by

A suspected ISIS SVBIED targeted a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) security headquarters in Manbij, Syria this past week. Security cameras caught the deadly incident that killed at least one SDF officer and left ten civilians wounded.

Though ISIS was evicted from all of its occupied territory in Syria earlier this year, it proves to remain a threat as yet another suicide attack rocked the Kurdish held city of Manbij in the northwest of the war-torn country. A truck laden with explosives drove into an SDF facility this past Thursday and detonated, purportedly claiming at least one life and wounding ten more. The incident was caught on a nearby CCTV surveillance camera, which highlights the growing security concerns of the region now that daesh has gone underground. Manbij was the scene of another suicide attack back in January that killed four Americans.


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