Suspect Grabs Officer’s Gun And Gets Shot Dead

first published on February 20, 2017 by

A video reportedly originating out of Colombia shows the common sense outcome of what happens when a suspect grabs a gun from an officer.

The video starts out as multiple officers are trying to detain a shirtless male suspect in broad daylight on a street filled with pedestrians.

The suspect puts up stiff resistance, kicking and wrestling with the officers. A female subject, likely the suspect’s significant other, attempts to get involved in the mix by shoving her way into the tussle.

The footage clearly shows the suspect reach for and unholster the cop’s sidearm. The situation instantly becomes more intense, and the officers are no longer trying to get the man in the vehicle, but regain control of the weapon.

A shot rings out and the perpetrator breaks free as civilians scatter. It’s not exactly clear as to whether the suspect fired the round or if the responding officers did, but now the other cops draw their weapons. As soon the suspect clears the other cops, an officer fires a single round into the suspect, dropping him.

The immediate deadly threat is neutralized, but the situation escalates as a woman begins hysterically shrieking and the crowd also amps up. Even a local lap dog wants in on the action and begins nipping at the wounded man. The officers know they need to leave the scene before a violent riot breaks out. They throw the suspect inside the police vehicle and exfiltrate the area.