Syrian Rebel Cameraman Allegedly Survives Incoming ATGM

first published on July 16, 2018 by

A Syrian Rebel cameraman finds himself on the receiving end of anti-tank guided missile strike. He allegedly survives the direct hit. If the rumors of his survival are true, than it is evidence of the true random nature of combat situations. Regardless, the footage is hair raising to say the very least.

ATGM Position

The anti-tank guided missile system has been in use in the conflict in Syria for quite some time. In the beginning, the weapon systems were TOW missiles used by the 13th Coastal Division of the Free Syrian Army. These were supplied to vetted rebel faction groups by the Central Intelligence Agency. As the effectiveness of the weapon system became known, we started to see them pop up in other forms.

Knock off TOW systems became more prevalent as time went on. It became very obvious to the many factions that the weapon system could be used as a substitute to the sniper rifle, and we began seeing them used against any and every target of opportunity that presented itself. The weapons are bought for cheap on the black markets, and used in a widespread fashion across the country today.

ATGM Incoming

The video below shows the harrowing moment that a rebel cameraman spots an ATGM position and starts recording. He may have been recording for his own propaganda video as a sniper set up nearby, or he may have been recording to gather intelligence for his unit. Either way, he managed to record the exact moment that the ATGM team spotted his position, and opened fire on him with their weapon system. The few seconds he has as the missile come inbound towards his position are terrifying.

Allegedly he survived the encounter, and if that is true then we are seeing video from one of the luckiest human beings alive. My money is on that being a rumor, and the camera being recovered by his rebel friends who came to scoop him up into a bucket after the explosion liquefied him.


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