Daesh Suicide Bombers Try a Fake Surrender in Tabqa

first published on May 31, 2017 by

Four Daesh suicide bombers try a fake surrender near Tabqa, Syria to a group of rightfully cautious SDF troops.

Suicide bombers try a fake surrender in Tabqa2

The SDF fighters keep their distance and take up security around the would-be prisoners; shouting commands to expose under their clothes. The Daesh fighters balk at this request, but can’t close the distance before the SDF fighters begin to engage. The SDF’s suspicions are confirmed as they quickly drop the explosive ridden impostors, who begin to detonate one after the other, spraying pink mist and chaos into the desert for a few panicked moments. The SDF fighters take cover, but quickly regain control of the explosive situation.

Suicide bombers try a fake surrender in Tabqa

In the end, only the four Daesh rats end up ineffectually blown to pieces in the Syrian desert. Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and as the noose around Raqqa continues to tighten for the Islamic State, these desperate and dirty tactics have become standard operating procedure.