Another Suicide Blast Targets US Troops In Syria

first published on January 22, 2019 by

An American military patrol became the target of yet another suicide blast in Syria on Monday, just one week after four Americans were killed in a suicide bombing.

suicide blast

The attack occurred on a road near Al-Shaddadi in Al-Hasakah province. The Islamic State’s public relations media outlet, Amaq News Agency, took credit for the attack.

“We can confirm a combined US and Syrian partner force convoy was involved in an apparent VBIED attack today in Syria. There were no U.S. casualties,” said Inherent Resolve spokesman US Army COL Sean Ryan.

However, a local Kurdish news source claimed that at least one US service member was slightly injured. An SDF statement claimed the triggerman detonated the device prematurely, indicating that the attack could have been much worse.

The Armored vehicle which became the target of the SVBIED is reported to be a Lenco BearCat, which are often used by US law enforcement and SWAT elements. The SDF received a shipment of the BearCats in late 2017 to help combat ISIS in Raqqa.


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