Terrible Spot to Pitch a Tent: Sudanese Troops Driven from Outpost by Rebels

first published on June 4, 2018 by

Sudanese Troops select a poor location to establish a small and possible temporary outpost – if it could even be called that – purportedly somewhere in the border region of Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Houthi rebels are quick to pounce on the Saudi-coalition members and easily drive off the unprepared soldiers.

Since the beginning of Yemen’s civil-war in 2015, Sudan joined the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthi’s and other extremist groups and has at least 3000 troops stationed in the small country. Enticed with sizable economic contributions from the wealthy Gulf states, the cash strapped nation continues to support operations against the rebels.

A lone white tent sits next to a dirt road rung by trash and centered amidst a narrow valley, more a large rocky gully. The outpost, or possible a temporary patrol base, is exposed in the valley and is grievously lacking in the way of defensive ramparts. Two separate groupings of Sudanese troops linger about nestled along the steep valley walls, largely unprotected and completely ignorant of the Houthi rebels concealed in the rocks.

With an unarmored pick-up truck slowly approaching and the soldiers distracted, the Houthi’s choose this vulnerable moment to strike. They open fire with a salvo of small arms and an apparent guided missile. The Sudanese soldier’s initial reaction is lethargic, until they are raked with machine gun fire and the explosion from the missile snaps them violently back into reality.

Scattering along the rocks, the only thing that appears to save the troops in this brief violent moment is the abysmal shooting skills of the Houthi’s. Several unwisely seek refuge behind the nonprotective tent but quickly learn the difference between cover and concealment and are forced to retreat. The rest take cover in the rocks and begin attempting to withdraw around the bend under fire; several make it safely.

A single Sudanese soldier attempts to fire back at the rebels with a crew-served weapon but is thwarted by accurate return-fire and he quickly ditches the position. With most of the troops having escaped to the rear, the rebels then attempt to set fire to the pick-up trucks and tent by firing red hot tracer after tracer into them both. One truck’s gas tank catches fire and engulfs the area in thick smoke but they are unable to ignite the tent. The video concludes with the Sudanese having completely abandoned the site and the Houthi’s claiming an easy win.


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