Sudanese Army Operation in Yemen Repelled by Houthi Rebels

first published on January 29, 2018 by

A Sudanese Army operation supporting the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen is repelled by Houthi rebels in a recent propaganda release. The incident sheds light on the complex web of alliances and the many overlooked participants in one of the middle east’s seemingly never-ending wars.

A Houthi propaganda video detailing a Sudanese Army operation in Yemen has been released. The Shia Houthi’s supported by Iran, control a sizable portion of the tiny country and are locked in a bitter struggle with the former Yemeni government – supported by Sunni dominated Saudi Arabia and its allies. The conflict has caused widespread famine amongst the civilian population and allowed terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and ISIS to carve out independent fiefdoms.

The Saudi’s formed a military coalition back in 2015 designed to foil the rebels and is comprised of several other gulf states and North African countries. Enticed by the wealth of the Saudi’s and allies in the coalition, Sudan pledged air and ground forces in support of the operations against the Houthi’s. Occasionally showing up amidst the combat footage coming out of the region.

In this video, the Sudanese troops appear to conduct an operation against a well-hidden and well-entrenched enemy somewhere in Yemen’s harsh desert. Having intimate knowledge of the local terrain, the Houthi’s lay in wait and begin engaging the mostly unarmored Sudanese vehicles with heavy weapons and small arms. Despite a quick fly-over by an Apache gunship and being accompanied by several tanks, several of the pick-ups are set on fire and disrupt the Sudanese attack.

With the operation clearly stalled and smoke billowing from the burning vehicles, the Sudanese troops begin to regroup amongst the few pieces of micro terrain along the horizon. Now massed and regaining some cohesion, the troops form a skirmishers line and begin covering their withdrawal. Brazenly standing along the entire front and laying suppressive fire towards their attackers, the Sudanese appear to retreat in relatively good order concluding the video.


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