Terror Fail: Hamas Wastes Guided Missile On Empty Bus

first published on November 13, 2017 by

Further proving their uselessness, Hamas just wasted an anti tank guided missile on a transport bus under the assumption that it was filled with Israeli Defense Force troops… it wasn’t.


The video follows Hamas as they observe Israeli troops loading and offloading busses of weapons, gear, and troops. The busses are somewhat hidden within the recesses of a grove of trees, which doesn’t allow Hamas to fully observe the activities.

Soon, a bus pulls out of the logistics hub. Hamas fires the Russian-made Kornet ATGM, thinking they are about to inflict a mass casualty attack on their enemy… but the bus wasn’t filled with troops as they had hoped. In fact, the IDF had just spent the last several minutes offloading the bus.

Although an obvious military failure on the part of the terrorists, Hamas tried spinning the blunder as intentional, ridiculously stating that the attack was merely a demonstration of what they could do to the IDF. Morons. According to that logic, they have no problems indiscriminately targeting civilians with hundreds rockets of rockets fired into residential areas… but they’ll waste a hard-to-obtain weapon system on a legitimate military target to send a message. Again, morons.

One Israeli troop, seen in the video standing near the bus at the moment of impact, was seriously wounded during the attack.