When Your Stroll is Interrupted by an Airstrike

first published on February 19, 2018 by

Going for a stroll in Syria may not be the safest activity for the health conscious Jihadi. Particularly when an airstrike interrupts your cardio vascular routine and nearly blows you all over the neighborhood.

Purportedly filmed in the rebel held territory of the eastern Ghouta pocket near Damascus, our cameraman ambles down a street in a destroyed Syrian neighborhood. The common sound of distant gunfire echo in the background as he walks toward an intersection on the rubble lined street. When he approaches, fellow pedestrians and several cars can be seen passing through the wide-open juncture.

He hears the bomb (or possible artillery or rockets) just moments before the first dramatic impact and immediately scrambles to find cover. Throwing himself against a low curb, he finds himself right in the middle of two large explosions just a few meters away. Thick dust completely consumes the intersection followed by several more explosions in quick succession.

Attempting to make it to his feet, the concussion from these follow-on strikes keeps him temporarily pinned to the ground. Swallowed by the dust, he’s probably wishing he had used the treadmill today.


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