Iraqi Humvee Breaks Away From Convoy To Stop Suicide Bomber

first published on July 17, 2018 by

During an attack against an Iraqi Army convoy, a singular humvee breaks away to keep the Daesh suicide bomber from hitting everyone else. The intent of the break away was obvious, as the crew probably thought that the Iraqi Aviation Unit asset would be able to stop the vehicle, but the failure of the pilot meant that the soldiers had to make the ultimate sacrifice to save their brothers.

Suicide Bomber 2345

In the drone footage below, released by the Islamic State in Iraq, an Iraqi Army convoy is pursued by a single suicide bomber from the Islamic State. An Iraqi Aviation helicopter is on scene, and it makes every attempt possible to eliminate the vehicle while the turret gunners also go to work trying to stop the vehicle as well. All attempts will ultimately fail in the ensuing chaos.

One of the humvees is clearly the target that the driver of the suicide vehicle has chose to detonate on. All other vehicles quickly break away from the lone target as it attempts to maneuver away from them and give the aviation asset a few more seconds to try and eliminate the threat. In the end, the suicide bomber will find its target as the Iraqi soldiers and airmen fail to stop the vehicle.

Had the humvee crew not made the decision to maneuver away from the rest of the convoy, it is likely that the explosion would have caused more damage to the patrol. They chose to make the ultimate sacrifice in an attempt to save their brothers from the dangers of flying shrapnel.