Stolen Valor Suspected In “You’re Hired” Trump Campaign Event

first published on April 1, 2016 by

An Air Force veteran who claimed an extensive record of severe combat related injuries, Purple Heart, and near death experiences during the September 11, 2001 terror attack on the Pentagon was recently given a job, reality TV style, by Donald Trump at a recent media campaign event in which the Republican candidate announced he was building a hotel in D.C.

The spectacle dazzled the media-illiterate masses, but there were those that became skeptical of retired USAF SSgt Alicia Watkins’ lofty claims. Among those skeptics were veterans Steven Mayne, a regular content contributor to Funker530, and Anthony Anderson, the owner of Guardian of Valor, a website that is famous for outing those making fraudulent military claims at the expense of others.

Watkins’ had become some kind of media hound. She had interviews on Oprah, Fox, guest starred on “Say Yes To The Dress,” and many others. Each time her story changed about how long she served, where she served, and how she was injured. She was even seen in an interview wearing a Purple heart ribbon. Some took notice and attempted to call her out.

Somewhat unpredictably, Watkins actually contacted Guardian of Valor, and requested that Anthony Anderson help clear her name. He quickly agreed, but what he dug up didn’t help support Watkins’ claims. Her military record said nothing of any combat related injuries like the IED and suicide blast claims she made about her Afghanistan deployment.


Guardian of Valor addressed her on the discrepancies via Facebook Messenger, and she instantly became defensive and cut off all contact with the investigative group. The investigation is still ongoing. To read Guardian of valor’s full scoop on Watkins click >>>HERE<<<

This next part is strictly my personal assumption and not based on any factual evidence. From the second I saw that whole interaction between Trump and Watkins (not even knowing her past publicity attempts), where he gave her the impromptu job interview and hired her on the spot, I face-palmed at what an obvious media stunt it was. Give me a break. The same media-illiterate people that thought “The Apprentice” somehow made Trump a job creator, are the same fanbase that believed this recent absurdity. “Oh look, Trump is giving jobs to disabled veterans on national television.” Get it together, people. We have a communist, a criminal, and several cartoon characters running for the most powerful office in the world, and you’re willing to support these clowns.


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