Statement Via Firepower: Turkish Security Forces In Action

first published on April 20, 2017 by

A well-oiled Turkish Security Forces team pursues and corners doomed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) rebels in narrow streets, resulting in three fighters captured. The Turkish troops make a statement via firepower to end the intense close quarters fight and force the PKK fighters to surrender.


Turkish Security Forces chase a small team of PKK rebels in the narrow and winding streets of Sur Diyarbakir, Southeastern Turkey. The Kurdish majority region has become a focal point for anti-Turkish sentiment and Kurdish resistance. This animosity between these US allies presents one of its most challenging diplomatic issues for the US in the region.

These Turkish troops react quickly to an ill-conceived attack by means of superior firepower and possessing fluidity of movement. A critical mistake in planning made by the PKK fighters lacking predetermined and redundant escape routes, in addition to the well-rehearsed tactics of the Turkish troops, lead to a quick and efficient cordon of the small alleyway and neighborhood.

While maintaining their violence of action, the Turkish Troops decide firepower is the better part of valor, and lay down a fury of 5.56mm to make it known. Faced with this withering fire and a suitable exit, the PKK fighters decide surrender is preferable to a body bag. They don a white flag and begin to surrender; systematically and efficiently searched by the Turkish Troops without further incident.

This video highlights the overwhelming necessity of training and tactical preparation required for counter-insurgency in urban terrain. The PKK fighters seemingly attack from a prepared and fortified neighborhood without regard for what happens next. As an insurgent, hit and run is the order of the day, and any time you forget the “run” part, it will more than likely lead to your demise. The Turkish troops appear well-drilled and move as a cohesive singular unit. They’ve trained on these types of scenarios, and it shows. Move quickly, know your job, and utilize the firepower you have to end the engagement as quickly as possible.


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