State Trooper Shot, Nearly Killed, After Taser Fails To Subdue Suspect

first published on August 12, 2018 by

Pennsylvania State Trooper Seth Kelly is shot and almost dies during what started off as a routine traffic stop, all while the squad car dash cam records the event.

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The police pulled over 22-year-old Daniel Clary and instantly noticed that he was heavily impaired, as is evidenced by the dash cam footage. Clary fails the field sobriety test and begins to resist as the officers attempt to arrest him.

As the wrestling match escalates, the officers use a taser on Clary, which has only a momentary effect, and soon he slips out of the police’s grasp. He runs around the front of the vehicle and quickly retrieves his pistol and opens fire on the officers.

Trooper Kelly is shot in the femoral artery as well as in his neck, and he dives for cover behind the guard rail as Clary jumps into his car and speeds off. Kelly applied his own tourniquet at the scene before backup arrives, but responders arrive to find him clinically dead.

Miraculously, Kelly is brought back from the clutches of death and survives after spending 12 days in a coma. Clary, wounded in the exchange of gunfire as well, checked himself into a nearby hospital where he was taken into custody and charged with attempted murder.