Iraqi Army Dominating Islamic State Position With Grenades

first published on April 18, 2018 by

Members of the Iraqi Army attack an Islamic State position in the Tharthar desert, North of the Al Anbar Province of Iraq. During the brief engagement, the Iraqi troops get close enough to the Islamic State positions to hear them screaming, and to engage the would-be suicide bombers with hand grenades, sending multiple of them flying through the air as a result of the grenades sympathetically detonating their suicide vests.


While their frequent propaganda videos may suggest otherwise, the Islamic State is absolutely in shambles in Iraq. At every turn, they are met with stiff opposition from Iraqi Security Forces, who continue to dominate them on all fronts. After the collapse of several key Islamic State strongholds, the group has struggle to once again gain a new foothold in the country of Iraq. Al Anbar seemed like a likely location for the group to operate out of, but even there the Iraqi Security Forces continue to advance on, and destroy their positions with everything that they have. Simply put, there is no escaping the demise of the Islamic State in Iraq, only delaying their inevitable collapse to Government forces.

The impressive video at the bottom of this article was recorded by members of the Iraqi Army, and it shows the moment that a group of Islamic State suicide bombers are completely overwhelmed by a platoon sized unit of Iraqi Soldiers. The fighting is tense, bloody, fierce, and deadly close as the Iraqi troops never halt their advance until they are within hand grenade range of the multiple suicide bombers who are sheltering in their position. Their shelter proves to be completely useless for them however, because the hand grenades start dropping directly into their laps, and the heavy volumes of suppressing fire make it impossible for them to put up an effective resistance.

Grenades 1 thumb

After it becomes evident to the suicide bombers that they will not be coming out on top of this firefight, they begin to detonate their vests one by one to avoid capture, and in an attempt to do bodily harm to the Iraqi security forces maneuvering on their position. Many were surely killed by the barrage of hand grenades, but it appears as if some of them just decided to punch their own tickets. Impressively enough, as they detonate themselves their bodies are thrown sky-high by the resulting explosions, which is all captured on the camera one of the Iraqi Security Force members is using to record the entire engagement.

It is worth noting that this video contains scenes of graphic violence which may be unsuitable for some of our viewers. Combat is an inherently violent atmosphere, and it is not something everyone is able to view. For that reason, viewer discretion is highly advised. Scenes include Iraqi Security Force soldiers advancing within hand grenade range of an Islamic State position in Tharthar desert just north of Anbar provicne of Iraq, close combat with Islamic State fighters, multiple explosions, and the detonation of several dismembered suicide bombers who are sent flying into the air by their own suicide devices.