Standing Post – Tales From The Infantry

first published on February 13, 2016 by

Donny O’Malley is a former Marine infantry officer who uses dark humor to produce comedy that is entertaining to individuals with a combat veteran’s mindset.

It doesn’t matter what walk of life you come from in the military. Everyone is there with the same purpose, and that purpose is to defend the nation. Sharing a common objective, and living through similar experiences, we all develop a dark sense of humor.

Donny O’Malley is an author, and comedian who shares that sense of humor. He’s the founder of a non-profit called Irreverent Warriors who believes connection, and laughter are the best way to prevent veteran suicide.

Infantry Crawl

The mission of the Irreverent Warriors non-profit is to bring veterans together using humor and camaraderie to heal the mental wounds of war, through therapeutic events and entertainment, in order to reduce PTSD and prevent veteran suicide.

Recognizing that veterans need each other, and the ability to be themselves around like minded individuals has been the key to success for Donny O’Malley’s non-profit organization. The video you are about to watch is simply an example of the type of humor he uses to assist veterans.

Warning: The video you are about to watch was intended for a combat veteran audience. It contains graphic language, and mature content, that is intended for MATURE audiences only. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.