Rafael’s Spike NLOS Precision Missile Launched From Light Buggy

first published on February 5, 2019 by

Israel’s defense corporation Rafael has just released a successful test video showing a Spike non-line of sight (NLOS) precision guided anti tank missile being fired from an ultralight buggy.


The significance of the test shows that Rafael’s new, lightweight, modular Spike launcher can become a standard part of airborne special operations deployments, as it can be quickly and discretely airdropped into hostile battlefields.

The lightweight buggy used was the Tomcar TE6 all-terrain, hybrid-electric powered vehicle, which further demonstrates the defense corporation’s continued efforts to advance and evolve battlefield technology.

The Spike missile has been in service around the world for decades, however, the NLOS “Non Line Of Sight” variant is an ultra long-range version of the weapon, with a range of at least 16 miles.

“This new launcher will enhance ground forces’ precise stand-off capabilities for low-signature operations in a variety of operational scenarios and requirements,” said Zvi M. Head of Rafael’s Tactical, Precision Weapon Systems Directorate.


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