SDF Obliterates Speeding ISIS Car, Footage Fresh From Raqqa Operation

first published on April 6, 2017 by

Footage fresh from the operation to isolate and purge the Islamic State group from their Syrian capital city of Raqqa shows Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Force fighters (SDF) obliterate a speeding ISIS car with a Russian-made anti tank guided missile (ATGM).

From the video you can see various ISIS vehicles speeding along the road that connects Raqqa to the town of Taqba in attempts to relay critical information without the risk of being compromised by US signal gathering intelligence. Taqba is now completely surrounded by the SDF.

The video then goes on to show SDF fighters amassing behind what little cover they can find as they take accurate small arms fire from the urban area. In other videos you sometimes see earth moving construction equipment being used to make berms for cover and concealment, but these troops must suck it up and hold their positions until that relief arrives.


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