Special Police Use Helicopter To Catch Car Thief

first published on June 10, 2016 by

A Brazilian special police helicopter unit, Air Group, darts through the sky in hot pursuit of a stolen vehicle.

A rifleman on the side of the aircraft takes multiple shots at the fleeing vehicle in an attempt to disable it or hit the carjacker.

He succeeds in wounding the driver with a shot to the leg, and the thief stops to be arrested.

While this looks pretty sweet, the idea of police firing from a helicopter down on to busy streets in an attempt to stop a petty crook… I think the risks to public safety well outweigh the benefits of making the arrest.

However, the scumbag did get shot, so we’ll chalk it up as a win.

“Hey, sir. We recovered your vehicle from the car thief. There’s about a dozen new bullet holes and the driver side floor is pooled with blood. Have a nice day.”


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