Special Operations Team Conducts Clean Extract Under Fire

first published on December 1, 2015 by

A group of Australian operators come into contact as they extract from a position. Their response to the incoming rounds is near perfect.

A well executed extraction from a special operations task group out of Australia. As these operators begin their extract, they are already under fire. They move towards the sound of chaos, and complete one of the smoothest under fire extractions I have ever witnessed.

This video starts off at full throttle, and it doesn’t let up until these operators insert at a fresh LZ. Take note from beginning, to end, all of the actions these guys are taking.

Extract Under Fire 2

Somewhere around 10 seconds into the video, the extract helicopter touches down under fire. As the wheels of the aircraft touchdown, the operators pick up their rates of fire to cover the aircraft. 26 seconds after wheels down, the first of the group is at the ramp of the aircraft, laying down suppressing fire for their buddies. 45 seconds into the extract, all of the rifles are in the fight at the ramp of the helicopter, covering and protecting the automatic weapons as they load. The second the first weapon starts firing out of the aircraft, the rifles start to load up.

Extract Under Fire

The total time from wheels down, to troops loaded, was about one minute. It doesn’t get much cleaner than that.