US Special Operations Forces Resupply Using Donkeys In Nangarhar

first published on July 10, 2018 by

A recent video out of Nangarhar province of Afghanistan shows US Special Operations troops and conventional soldiers of the 3rd ID using donkeys to resupply friendly units with food, water, and other gear for their ongoing fight against IS.


According to reports, US Spec Ops troops and their host nation counterparts just ousted IS-K from their de facto capital in Nangarhar after a week long siege on Gur Guri and Papin villages. Many of the IS-K militants are said to be retreating into neighboring Kunar province, where they are being killed by Taliban as well as Afghan Military forces.

IS-K in Afghanistan is composed mainly of foreign fighters. Most of them Pakistani, but there are many Russians, Chechens, Tajikistanis, Uzbekistanis, and Arabs as well.


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