Special Forces Train Hand to Hand During Room Clearance Drills

first published on December 29, 2018 by

Members of the Third Special Forces Group train in hand to hand combat and unarmed persons handling during room clearance drills.

When it comes to room clearance and handling the enemy in close combat, there is no room for error. Practicing empty handed combat techniques allows troops on the front-lines to be more prepared for a scenario where they may have to fight the enemy in a face to face fight. That is why training to a standard that eliminates any lack of confidence in a straight up brawl is an absolute necessity.

More so than other troops currently, members of the Special Operations community must stand ready to meet the enemy in this brutal fashion. With the myriad of direct action mission-sets tasked to these elite war-fighters, they are the most likely to meet the enemy in this archaic style of warfare. For personal and operational security purposes, most of this training is done in secret. From time to time however, this training is recorded and released to the general population in a manner that explains the reasoning behind this thought process.

The following video was released by the Public Affairs office of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. It has been screened and approved for release. It is clear of any known operational or personal security violations and has been deemed acceptable for public consumption.