Special Forces Raid Frees 70 Hostages, 1 U.S. Soldier Killed

first published on October 22, 2015 by

A daring joint raid on Thursday morning into an Islamic State prison in northern Iraq, carried out by Kurdish and U.S. Special Forces, and backed by American airstrikes, has resulted in the freeing of approximately 70 hostages and the death of one U.S. serviceman.


According to various reports, the elite U.S. and Kurdish troops infiltrated an ISIS-held village east of Hawija in the mostly Kurdish province of Kirkuk via helicopter and assaulted an Islamic State-run prison. U.S. airstrikes destroyed the roads leading to the prison to inhibit militant counter-assault teams from reinforcing the post. The operatives captured Islamic State militants to develop further intelligence. The mission is being deemed a success.


The American KIA is the first disclosed U.S. combat related death in Iraq since the 2011 withdrawal. The operator gave his life so that others may live, and he died with his brothers by his side. Till Valhall.

Related video shows Kurdish forces operating in Kirkuk:


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