Space Corps Announces Special Operations Unit With New Recruiting Campaign

first published on July 11, 2017 by

After the announcement of the new Space Corps, the Air Force has released the initial recruiting campaign for the newest special operations unit.

The Space Corps has been announced. In an effort to recruit their earliest members, they have announced their first special operations units. The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) is a special unit that will be dropped feet first into hell on new worlds using drop pods from orbit. Once on the ground, the unit will act in a similar fashion to the United States Marine Corps by establishing Terra Firma Heads for follow on operations by conventional ground forces.

The Orbital Drop Shock Troops will be assisted by the Air Force’s very own Spartan Program. The Spartans, a group of genetically enhanced trans-orbital soldiers, will also assist in the early operations for the ODST through direct action raids deep behind enemy lines, attacks that target leadership, and operations to remove obstacles at the landing sites for the ODST. The training pipeline for these special Spartan teams will be anywhere from six to eighteen years, as they will be selected and enhanced at birth.

The Spartan program has yet to release an advertisement for their recruiting process, and they likely never will as the soldiers are selected at birth and trained from a young age. The ODST however have released their first advertising campaign, entitled We are ODST. You can view it in the video below. It is important to note, that the video also appears to make it seem as if this will be a world-wide initiative to fight off a covenant race of alien species. Not just an American initiative to secure the space around our own planet.


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