Soviet Troops Attack Mujahideen Positions In Afghanistan

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Footage from a Soviet raid in 1988, conducted on a Mujahideen compound, during their campaign in Afghanistan.

This footage of a Soviet raid in Afghanistan against Mujahideen fighters is absolutely phenomenal. Considering the date this was recorded, we actually get some really awesome views of their aircraft, and armor in action.

The Soviet-Afghan war lasted nine long, bloody years. Soviet operations began officially in Afghanistan in December of 1979. They continued until February of 1989 when the withdrawal phase was completed.

The war was caused when the pro-Soviet Nur Mohammad Taraki government began to lose control of Afghanistan. In December of 1979 almost the entire country was in open rebellion. The Afghan government then requested assistance from Mother Russia. They initially responded by sending in covert operators to train, and advise government forces. When this failed, they deployed The 40th Army.


Mujahideen fighters were the primary resistance against Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. They were slowly but surely losing the fight until 1986 when the Stinger-Effect took place. US supplied Mujahideen fighters started to turn the conflict in their favor with newly issued Stinger Missiles launchers.

Soviet Stinger Effect

By the close of the war in February of 1989 the casualty count was as follows.

KIA: 14,453
WIA: 53,753
MIA: 264


KIA: 75-90,000
WIA: 75,000

Civilian Deaths: 850,000 – 1.5 Milli0n
Civilian Displaced: 5 Million

Numbers from The Soviet-Afghan War: Breaking the Hammer & Sickle


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